Auvergne cheeses

For several centuries, Auvergne has been the French Region producing, 5 Protected Designations of Origin Cheese. Moreover it accounts for one quarter of the French PDO production: Bleu d’Auvergne, CantalFourme d’Ambert, Saint-Nectaire and Salers.

Taste them all to choose your favourite one!

Along the 40 stops of the Cheese Road you will discover the diversity of Auvergne countryside, flavours and savoir-faire of the 5 Auvergne PDO cheeses www.fromages-aop-auvergne.com.

Enjoy the visit of Fourme d'Ambert: with a 100 years tradition to be wrapped in  just 11 km from the Château de Codignat.

Otherwise you can take a tour of  the city of Ambert (50 km) and the Maison de la Fourme, Then relax at the Castle by completing your experience with a Cheese Tasting selection by our Chef. 

Auvergne wines

Discover the Auvergne Region, its wines and traditions dating back to the Roman Empire.

The wines of the Auvergne’s region have 4 AOC wine appellations and 4 PGI labels.

The vineyards of the region have a wonderful Wine Road. Enjoy the visit to Saint-Pourçain, Roanne and Clermont Ferrand.

Our sommeliers will be more than glad to pamper you with our special offer “Wine tasting”.

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Book our special package «Auvergne history».

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In the heart of Auvergne The Auvergne region invites you to discover  its heritage, its landscapes, and its handcrafts. Holidays in Auvergne...

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