A little bit of history...

The Château de Codignat, overlooking the village of Bort l’Etang at an altitude of 450 meters, was originally the tower protecting the Lords of Ravel. It allowed the defense against enemies from the Dore Valley and also the supervision of one of the largest quarries for the extraction of arkoses, which, for centuries, was used to build castles, churches and sarcophagi in the region.

In the early 14th century, the Château takes on another dimension and settles a family of minor nobility, the De Codonhac. The castle reached its splendor. As a result of erroneous transcriptions, the name of Codonhac evolved in Codoignat, then Codegnat and finally Codignat.

In 1754, it is owned by the intendant of Auvergne, Charles Antoine Claude Chazerat, Earl of Lezoux, Lord of Bort and Codegnat. Codignat then disappears into the shadows of time, neglected,  partly looted and its stones used to beautify local residences. It remains while the current building with collapsed roofs.

The Château’s interiors have been completely renovated from the 70s to convert it to an exclusive Relais & Châteaux. The details and design have been conceived to enhance the unique features and architecture.

Since 2006, Château de Codignat belongs to Sorgente Group, which operates in the field of real estate investments and finance, and also acquired the management in November 2010 through the brand Sorgente Hotels and Resorts.


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Château de Codignat, historical medieval 5 stars hotel, is located in the heart of Auvergne only few kilometers from Clermont Ferrand. The Auvergne region is well known for...

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