17 km from Château de Codignat you can visit Thiers, the Cutlery French Capital for more than 6 centuries.
 Our suggestions:
− Your knife: create your own knife, or participate watching a knife maker making it for you. 
− The cutlery museum: is more than a traditional museum, it’s a live museum where you can find out all about the history and art of knife makers and an amazing collection of 800 knives dating back from the 16th century.
− Vallée des Rouets: for nearly 3 centuries, knife-grinders have sharped their blades against mole operating by hydraulic force, tracing paths and building mills called Rouets (spinning wheels). Today these paths gives you the chance to discover the life and work of these men.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the last mill in activity.


In ancient times, Lezoux was the biggest centre of the Roman Empire for the ceramic production.
The Ceramics museum, located in a 19th century workshop, houses a collection of items found on the town’s archaeological site and offers great insights into the history and various uses of ceramics.

Paper Museum

The Moulin Richard de Bas, historical museum of paper, exists from the 15th century.

Located 3 km from Ambert, the mill is still working. This museum will tell you the history of the paper created in China more than 2000 years and take the chance to make your own piece of paper


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In the heart of Auvergne The Auvergne region invites you to discover  its heritage, its landscapes, and its handcrafts. Holidays in Auvergne...

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